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Memories of Beauty: Reviving National Treasures

Takaoka Art Museum presents a collection of Japan’s most iconic national treasures reproduced by Benrido Collotype Atelier, in an exhibition which celebrates the preservation of culture through collotype.  

 A new exhibition held at Takaoka Art Museum, Memories of Beauty: Reviving National Treasures, brings together a collection of collotype prints of some of Japan’s most significant and valuable works of art printed by Benrido Collotype Atelier. The exhibition will be the first of its scale, curated to showcase and celebrate the artistic accomplishments of the artisans of Benrido and the array of culturally significant works reproduced and safeguarded through the art of collotype. The exhibition includes a display of national treasures of designated cultural importance, such as Ogata Kōrin’s Wind and Thunder Gods (18th Century Edo Period), Sakai Hōistu’s Summer and Autumn Grasses (19th Century Edo Period), and the wall paintings of Hohryuji (Hohryu Temple, Nara prefecture), fatefully replicated by Benrido in 1935 before its later destruction by fire in 1949. The exhibition seeks to illustrate the historical role of Benrido, and presents the opportunity for new understandings and perspectives on the preservation of culture, and the art of collotype.

The exhibition also includes a schedule of special talk events featuring Takaoka Art Museum director Takahashi Murakami, Kyoto Museum of Art curator Yoshitomo Nagamura and Sumio Nishimura of Benrido.

Exhibition Dates: September 16th – October 23rd 2016
Entry Fee: Adults  ¥800,  Seniors  ¥640, University Students ¥500, Children ¥200
Location: 1-1-30 Nakagawa, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken 933-0056, Japan
Takaoka Art Museum




展示期間: 9月16日 – 10月23日2016
参加費: 大人  ¥ 800, シニア  ¥ 640,  大学生  ¥ 500,  子供  ¥ 200
場所: 1-1-30中川、高岡市、富山県933から0056日本

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