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Hariban Award ’16 – Shortlists

The time has come to announce this year’s Hariban Award competition finalists! We received an incredible 200 submissions from all over the globe. With so many impressive submissions to consider, our judge put a lot of thought into choosing the submission that will benefit most from a relationship with Benrido and the collotype process. Check out the shortlists below.

Hariban Award 2016の第一次審査を通過された方を発表いたします。今年は、世界中から200点を超える応募をいただきました。その多くの素晴らしい作品の中から、便利堂でのコロタイプ・レジデンシーと、コロタイプの可能性を引き出す作品を選ぶのは、審査員にとっても容易なことではありませんでした。以下、第一次審査通過作家のリストをご覧ください。

Hariban Award ’16 – Finalists

Madiha Abdo, Daniel Ackerman, Axel Antas, Chantal Ariens, Matan Ashkenazy, Michael Barrett, Sarah Bouillaud, Jörg Bräuer, Mathieu Christine, Xavier Comas, Bruce Connew, jeannette cornelisse, Chadric Devin, Stéphane Doulé, alexandre dupeyron, John Einarsen, Anne Erhard, Jenny Fine, Peter Finnemore, Joseph Freeman, Jenia Fridlyand, Dana Fritz, Ashleigh Garwood, Lea Habourdin, Sharon Lee Hart, Marina Imperi, Maria Inglessis, Camilla Jensen, Irena Jurca, Carla Kogelman, Natalia Kopkina, Birgit Krause, Carson Lynn, Matthew Magruder, Passa Marie, Sandra Matthews, Flora Merillon, Pauline Miserez, Toru Morimoto, Asli Narin, Irene Nelson, claudio nolasco, Eiji Ohashi, Kosuke Okahara, Logo Oluwamuyiwa, Hidetaka Onoyama, Joaquin Paredes, Benedikt Partenheimer, Nick Paton, Joanna Piotrowska, Steffen Kloster Poulsen, Patricia Ramaer, Victor Ramos, Maria do Mar Rego, Isabelle Riviere, Linda Roodenburg, Claudio Santambrogio, SeshuKumar Sareday, Claudio Silvano, Elin o’Hara Slavick, Jean-François Spricigo, Mayumi Suzuki, Jessica Tan Gudnason, Paul Thulin, Gabriela Torres Ruiz, Veronika Tumova, Michael Vahrenwald, Marc Philip van Kempen, Mo Verlaan, Claire Warden, Rondo Tzufone Wei, Raf Willems, Christopher Woodcock, 宝槻稔, 彦坂敏昭, 月永進, 尾崎ゆり, 梶岡美穂, 志鎌猛, 遠藤弘道. (Alphabetical order and Japanese names at the end)

The winners will be selected from this pool of photographers and their names will be announced in August. This year’s panel of jurors is made up of Peter Barberie, Mariko Takeuchi, and Marc Feustel, all highly regarded members of the global photography community. To receive the latest updates, sign up for the Hariban Award newsletter.

以上の中から、受賞者の方々が選ばれ、最終結果は8月末までに発表となります。今年の審査員は、写真界で国際的に評価の高いキュレーターのピーター・バーベリー、竹内万里子、マーク・フューステルとなっています。今後のHariban Awardからの最新情報を入手していただくために、ぜひ、ニュースレターにサインアップしてください。

Statement by Tsuyoshi Ito

Every year, the caliber of submissions for this award gets ever more impressive, and it is getting harder to choose finalists. This year brought a huge amount of talent and passion with entrants from all over the world. Though selecting our finalists was a difficult process, it was highly rewarding to see the creativity and beauty of the submitted works.

The deciding factor in my decision was the uniqueness of photographers’ visions. In reviewing submissions, I looked for work that expressed an unexpected and unusual point of view through the collotype form. This is the work that I believe has the most potential for collaboration with Benrido Atelier.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this round of judging and I look forward to seeing the decisions of the other jurors.


毎年Hariban Awardに提出される作品の質が、前年を上回る高い水準となっており、受賞者の選考が、回を重ねるごとに、より難しくなってきています。今年も、世界中から、多くの才能と情熱あふれるエントリーを寄せていただきました。受賞者選考のプロセスは困難ながらも、独創的で美しい作品の数々を目の当たりにすることができる為、とてもやりがいを感じています。



Selected Photographers’ Work

Please enjoy a preview of a few of this year’s submissions. We selected the following in order to share with you the diversity in subject and style of the submitted works – they are not meant to represent winning submissions.


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3a5405024f456e219867bd84179c5c9a-1466272629-0-24413300Elin O’Hara Slavick

8c74812e9b131efa142e564fc77e5411-1467224385-0-25295800Mathieu Christine

c864cc5a35c3940a97878e984d68a593-1466939010-0-01640400Linda Roodenburg


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117443575de0358bb28da757b1cb5e91-1465894452-0-21899500Carla Kogelman

82729332530e9cdc510a97f28cdda362-1467104053-0-58885700Steffen Kloster Poulsen

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