FAQ & Help

Can I submit more than 12 photos by completing more than one entry form?

No. Each artist is limited to one entry.

Should I submit twelve photos from one series, or can I include work from a variety of projects?

The selection of photos is entirely yours. We don’t know exactly how the judges make their decisions but in our opinion, a coherent series generally makes a stronger impression.

May I submit photos depicting nudity or other controversial subjects?

We will gladly accept any images that are not blatantly exploitative or overtly offensive.

Will you accept analogue submissions such as slides?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept digital images submitted using our online form.

What are the details of the winner’s trip to Kyoto?

The recipient of the HARIBAN AWARD will receive an expenses-paid trip to Kyoto for two weeks between mid-September to early October 2019 to work with the Benrido printers. The prints will be exhibited in the winners solo exhibition from April to May 2020. The artist will be responsible for his or her own travel expenses to attend the exhibition. The exact date for the exhibition is to be announced.

Contact us for further inquires:

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