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Benrido Collotype Gallery: Yamauchi Takamoto FROM DUSK in Collotype

We are pleased to announce Takamoto Yamauchi’s solo exhibition “FROM DUSK in Collotype” will be held at the Benrido Collotype Gallery as part of Kyotographie International Photography Festival KG+Award 2017

“Everybody has more or less psychological pain in their mind or heart. Some people cannot run away from the pain. This is a story about people who have pain.”

Scars both visible and invisible run throughout the images within Takamoto Yamauchi’s From Dusk. Compiled within a series of black-and-white photographs, the images reveal wounds unhealed, making visible a world of pain bound solely to our mortal and fragile being. Unravelling the complex layers of emotions buried deep within the recesses of our inner selves, Takamoto Yamauchi makes light of ordeals marred on both mind and flesh holding viewers in a suspension of admission and sudden disillusionment.

Born in Japan, Takamoto Yamauchi studied at Barat College Chicago, School of Art Institute of Chicago and at the International Center of Photography, New York. He has exhibited both within Japan and internationally and has published two books of his works titled FROM DUSK (T.I.P Book, 2015) and Till dawn (Case Publishing, 2016). His works can be viewed at his website at


Exhibition Dates: 12th April – 14th May 2016
Entry Fee: Free
Location: 302 Shinmachi-Takeyamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0093 


物理的あるいは不可視の傷跡がヤマウチタカモトのFrom Duskには通底している。モノクロ写真のシリーズからなるこれらの作品は、癒えることのない傷を明らかにしつつ、私たちが脆くはかない存在であることを実感させる。被写体の奥深くに埋もれた複雑な感情の層を解きほぐしつつ、ヤマウチの写真は精神的あるいは物理的な困難を背負った人々に対しての想いを巡らせている。ヤマウチはBarat College Chicago、School of Art Institute of ChicagoおよびICPで写真を学ぶ。国内外問わず精力的に活動し、これまでに「FROM DUSK」(T.I.P Book、 2015年)と「Till Dawn」(Case Publishing、2016年)の2冊の写真集を出版している。

ヤマウチはBarat College Chicago、School of Art Institute of ChicagoおよびICPで写真を学ぶ。国内外問わず精力的に活動し、これまでに「FROM DUSK」(T.I.P Book、 2015年)と「Till Dawn」(Case Publishing、2016年)の2冊の写真集を出版している。


展示期間: 4月12日 – 14月5日2017
参加費: Free
場所: 〒604-0093 京都市中京区新町通竹屋町下ル弁財天町302番地

Benrido Collotype Atelier

A/Fixed: Welcome to a new world of Japanese Photography

Benrido and Project Basho/ONWARD are excited to announce the launch of a new photography project – A/Fixed!

Benrido and Project Basho/ONWARD are excited to announce the launch of a new Photography Project – A/Fixed!

A/Fixed aims to inspire photographers worldwide by bringing the rich photographic history of Japan to a wider, international audience through online and in-print English language content. With essays, photography book reviews, exhibitions, and collectables, we’re bringing the colorful culture behind Japanese photography in front of a Western lens.

Produced by The Japanese Photography Project (JPP), a collaborative effort between Philadelphia-based Project Basho and Kyoto’s Benrido Collotype Atelier. JPP aims to bring noteworthy photographers and Japanese photographic trends placed within the larger context of Japanese culture and history to a larger, English-speaking audience.

The first inaugural issue of A/Fixed can be yours for free! Vol.1 focuses on the world of the Provoke. Included within are special in depth insights from leading figures in photography such as Tate’s curator for International art, Photography Simon Baker and the photographer’s themselves!

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Top image: Takuma Nakahira, Untitled, ca. 1968
© Gen Nakahira and courtesy Osiris

Benrido Collotype Atelier

Benrido at Photo London 2017

We are pleased to announce Benrido will exhibit at this year’s Photo London 2017!

As the U.K’s largest photography event of the year, we are excited to take part of its official program within the Publisher’s section of the fair. Alongside a specially curated selection of collotype portfolios, during Photo London, Benrido will showcase a new limited edition collotype portfolio of Shoji Ueda’s Children’s Calendar, as well as the first in a series of collotype photobooks featuring twentieth-century Japanese photography, The Provoke Generation: Rebels in a Turbulent Time.

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We hope to see you there!

Exhibition Dates: 18th – 21st May 2017
Entry: Ticketed
Location:  Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA, U.K
Photo London



Benrido Collotype Atelier

Takaoka Art Museum Celebrates Collotype With a Special Workshop

To celebrate Takaoka Art Museum’s current exhibition, Memories of Beauty: Reviving National Treasures, the skilled artisans of Benrido Atelier introduce the art of Collotype to tomorrow’s generation .

Lead by Benrido Atelier’s Master Printer, Osamu Yamamoto, the Takaoka Art Museum held a special Collotype Workshop that welcomed over 10 families and individuals to experience the art of collotype. Organised by both Benrido and the curators of Takaoka Art Museum, the workshop began with a warm welcome from Takaoka Art Museum’s Chief Curator Chiaki Seo followed by a short video which offered a glimpse into the work carried out by the atelier’s artisans.

Using glass-plate negatives which illustrate well-known artworks such as ukiyo-e artist Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa and Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga, commonly nicknamed Chōjū-giga from Kōzan-ji temple in Kyoto, participants took part in a hands-on experience creating their own collotype prints of these famous and well-loved works of art.

Having held a variety of collotype workshops over the years in Japan and internationally such as at Switzerland’s artgenève, Benrido has aimed to reach a wide array of audiences by providing an open and fun avenue for individuals of all ages to engage with the process of collotype!

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Benrido Collotype Atelier

Collotype Academy: Interview with Joana Durães

With the launch of Benrido Collotype Atelier’s new Collotype Academy, scheduled for mid-2017, Benrido has welcomed Joana Durães as the academy’s first student to take part in a pilot training course prior to its opening. As a Graphic Designer based in Lisbon Portugal, we sit down to talk with Joana Durães to discuss her work, interests and what she hopes to gain through her experience as the academy’s first student.

Tell us about your work and interests.  

As a graphic designer, I have been interested in learning the different types of techniques and materials used in printing. In my work, to be able to answer and approach different kinds of projects I think it is important to know and be aware of the possibilities one can take with the medium which they work in. I have been working with different artists and photographers, and since having this interest with visual art I would like to understand the possibilities of different printing processes which I can use in my practice.

What interested you about the collotype process?

What interested me was the quality of the images which can be created using this process as a result of the continuous tones and depth produced which are unique to collotype. The materials used in printing in Japan have distinct qualities such as the traditional washi papers or binding techniques which are very different to those which I am used to.



As a student, what do you hope to learn through this experience? 

With this experience I hope to learn how an old technique of printing can exist in a contemporary printing landscape. From this experience I’d want to gain the skills and understanding learning from the Benrido artisans to be able to carry out this process on my own.



Are there any aspects of the collotype process which you would like to explore and experiment with?

I would like to learn the correct way of doing this technique and the correct way to reproduce the photos, but I also want to explore the possibilities of image-making after understanding how the process is carried out in order to explore and experiment with its boundaries and push these limits at a graphic level.

Do you have any plans or projects which you’d like to realise after completing the course? 

I’ve just begun the process of learning and am still at the early stages of my stay but I’d hope to be able to share this technique when I leave, perhaps do a booklet or create an object about the collotype process and my experience.


What’s next?

During the month of October Joana Durães will be taking part in a month-long intensive course learning the varying aspects unique to the collotype process. Lead by Master printer Osamu Yamamoto, Joana will be working alongside the Atelier’s artisans helping to develop the Collotype course scheduled to be launched mid next year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @haribanaward and on Facebook @Hariban.award to hear the latest updates on her journey and to follow along with her progress!

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Benrido Collotype Atelier to launch a new Collotype Academy in 2017

Benrido Collotype Atelier to launch a new Collotype Academy in mid-2017 – opening the opportunity for individuals to learn a century old process from Benrido’s master artisans.

Benrido Collotype Atelier will launch the first collotype academy allowing individuals from all practices to engage and learn the process of collotype. Opening up with two courses which last for a two week period to that of one month, the academy will enable the opportunity for individuals from a wide array of backgrounds access to an in-depth program to examine the process of collotype as a means of artistic expression, instrument of documentation and mode of communication and image making.  Learning direct from the skilled artisans and practitioners unique to Benrido, the academy offers an intimate and hands-on approach to engaging with each step of the Atelier’s work.Through sessions focusing on the photography studio, digital re-touching, glass-plate negative productions, printing, to a final examination, the Collotype Academy aims to enable each participant with the techniques and understanding of this century-old process.

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Benrido Collotype Atelier

Memories of Beauty: Reviving National Treasures

Takaoka Art Museum presents a collection of Japan’s most iconic national treasures reproduced by Benrido Collotype Atelier, in an exhibition which celebrates the preservation of culture through collotype.  

 A new exhibition held at Takaoka Art Museum, Memories of Beauty: Reviving National Treasures, brings together a collection of collotype prints of some of Japan’s most significant and valuable works of art printed by Benrido Collotype Atelier. The exhibition will be the first of its scale, curated to showcase and celebrate the artistic accomplishments of the artisans of Benrido and the array of culturally significant works reproduced and safeguarded through the art of collotype. The exhibition includes a display of national treasures of designated cultural importance, such as Ogata Kōrin’s Wind and Thunder Gods (18th Century Edo Period), Sakai Hōistu’s Summer and Autumn Grasses (19th Century Edo Period), and the wall paintings of Hohryuji (Hohryu Temple, Nara prefecture), fatefully replicated by Benrido in 1935 before its later destruction by fire in 1949. The exhibition seeks to illustrate the historical role of Benrido, and presents the opportunity for new understandings and perspectives on the preservation of culture, and the art of collotype.

The exhibition also includes a schedule of special talk events featuring Takaoka Art Museum director Takahashi Murakami, Kyoto Museum of Art curator Yoshitomo Nagamura and Sumio Nishimura of Benrido.

Exhibition Dates: September 16th – October 23rd 2016
Entry Fee: Adults  ¥800,  Seniors  ¥640, University Students ¥500, Children ¥200
Location: 1-1-30 Nakagawa, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken 933-0056, Japan
Takaoka Art Museum




展示期間: 9月16日 – 10月23日2016
参加費: 大人  ¥ 800, シニア  ¥ 640,  大学生  ¥ 500,  子供  ¥ 200
場所: 1-1-30中川、高岡市、富山県933から0056日本