Hariban Award News

Hariban Award 2020 Award Recipients

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of this year’s Hariban Award.

Grand Prize Winner|Maude Arsenault

Artist Biography:

Maude Arsenault is a photographer and artist in addition to being the mother of three children. After years spent living in Sydney, Paris and NYC as a fashion photographer she is now currently living in her hometown of Montreal, Canada. Over the last few years she has completed studies in art history and she is now pursuing an MFA in visual arts at Université du Quebec in Montreal.

In March 2019, she was selected to attend Chico Review, in Montana where she met Clint Woodside (DeadBeatClub Press), who published in 2020 her first monograph, Entangled. Maude’s photography work invests the themes of construction of female identity, private spaces, domesticity and intimacy through a documentary, collage and portraiture approach.

Maude reflects on the current social condition of female identity, a state that compels us to question the foundations to which young women today refer in the way they form and shape. As an artist and a mother, and the way social structures and history are imposing on us certain schemas and blameworthiness, Maude questions how the traditional patriarchy models implies on girls and women, ideals that still today in 2020, can results in disappointment, lack of confidence and mental health issues. Maude works in digital, analog and in polaroid both in colour and black and white.



2019年3月、モンタナで開催されたChico Review(ポートフォリオ・レビュー)に選出され、そこでDeadBeatClub Pressのクリント・ウッドサイドと出会ったことがきっかけで、2020年初頭に作品集「Entangled」を出版しました。モーデは、ドキュメンタリー、コラージュやポートレートの技術的アプローチをとおして、女性のアイデンティティ、個人的空間性、家庭性、親密な関係性をテーマに作品を構築しています。


Winning body of work: Entangled 1 & 2

Entangled is a photo series from my first photobook published with Deadbeatclub Press that encapsulates a pivotal moment for my work, representing a shift in perspective in personal responsibility.

After years dedicated to creating glorified images of women, through a twenty year fashion photography career, I came to question my role and influence in the transmission of models of femininity. Albeit informed by a progressive, non-binary upbringing, this introspection became ultimately necessary, in the context of motherhood as I am raising three children including a teenage girl. Entangled, invokes the French word carcan, meaning “ploy” or “ambush,”or “ideological trap”, to explain the underlying motivation for making the spare and evocative pictures in this series. I mean that becoming an adult, a female photographer and a parent has given me distance and perspective on the cultural demands made on the bodies and societal roles of women, and particularly on life choices which have been constricted or even foreordained.

I call this work series “a poem, an ode, a shout out,” and one can sense that the quiet power of the series lies in the contradictions still unresolved even as I gain in experience and independence as an older women. I feel often trapped in the person I have been trying to be my entire life but now, at 47 and back to grad school and critical thinking, my perspective over female representation and patriarchy is clearer and I try to offer an optimistic female gaze that bring wider representation of girls and woman’s worlds.

– Maude Arsenault

受賞作 “Entangled 1 & 2” (「もつれた 1 & 2」)

“Entangled 1 & 2”は、Deadbeatclub Pressから出版した私のはじめての写真集です。私の仕事として重要な瞬間のものを詰め込み、個人の責任における考え方の変遷を表現したシリーズとなりました。



–  モーデ・アルセナート


Juror’s Choice Awards

Marianne Bjørnmyr  – selected by Felix Hoffmann for the work 31 Indicative Objects
Paula Damasceno – selected by Lucy Gallun for the work Offerings
Raymond Meeks – selected by Emma Bowkett for the work Cyprian Honey Cathedral
Dan Winters – selected by Ma Quan for the work Chemical Realities



Benrido Award

Liz Johnson Artur  – selected by CEO/Owner Benrido, Inc. Takumi Suzuki for the work Black Balloon Archive (past & future)



Honourable Mentions

Dana ArielPunctuated Land
Emanuel Cederqvist – Looking at an Obstacle
Ron Jude15 Hz
Kovi KonowieckiDriftwood
Jin Li – Secret City
Ronit PoratThrough The Eyes of A Nightbird
Eugenie ShinkleCuts
Dustin ThierryOpulence


2020 Winning Photographers Work|2020年 受賞作品

Please enjoy a few photos selected from this year’s Finalists from the Juror’s Choice Awards, Benrido Award, and Honourable Mentions. Their work will be printed and published in collotype in the annual Hariban Award Catalogue to be released in 2021.



We are deeply honoured to have received an array of exceptional work this year and we are very excited to be able to congratulate and announce the 2020 Hariban Award Winners. The level of work we received from across the world has been incredibly high and it is with great pleasure to be able to welcome and congratulate Maude Arsenault as the 7th Grand Prize recipient of the Hariban Award for her outstanding submission Entangled 1 & 2.  We are incredibly thankful to have had Ma Quan, Felix Hoffmann, Emma Bowkett and Lucy Gallun as Jurors and are deeply grateful for their time and dedicated efforts to help select this year’s winners.

It is also our honour to have the opportunity to commend the 13 finalists whose work were awarded with Honourable Mentions, Juror’s Choice Awards and a newly made Benrido Award.

The work by Liz Johnson Artur has been awarded with the Benrido Award to commend a body of work selected by CEO/Owner of Benrido Takumi Suzuki. The Juror’s Choice Award winners Marianne Bjørnmyr, Paula Damasceno, Raymond Meeks and Dan Winters have been selected especially by each Juror for their entries. Honourable Mentions have been awarded to Dana Ariel, Emanuel Cederqvist, Ron Jude, Kovi Konowiecki, Jin Li, Ronit Porat, Eugenie Shinkle & Dustin Thierry for each of their exceptional submissions which were also runners up for the Grand Prize. 

This year’s 14 finalists will have a selection of their work printed in collotype and published within the annual Hariban Award Catalogue which will be released in the new year.

便利堂が主催するハリバンアワード2020には、今年もたくさんの素晴らしい作品が寄せられました。今日ここにその受賞者を紹介し、また祝福できることをとても光栄に思います。世界中から応募された作品のレベルや熱意はとても高く、審査はより難しいものとなりました。そして何よりも、私たちの工房へ変わらぬ関心をお寄せいただいたことに励まされました。この場を借りて御礼申し上げます。今年は、応募作Entangled 1 & 2「もつれた1&2」によって7人目のハリバンアワード最優秀賞受賞者モーデ・アルセナートを選出いたしました。審査員を務めてくださった、マ・クゥアン、フェリックス・ホフマン、エマ・ボウケット、そして、ルーシー・ガルン各氏には、ご多用にかかわらずファイナリストの選出に惜しみないご協力をいただいたことに心から感謝申し上げます。




What’s next?

With travel restrictions still being incurred due to the global pandemic, we will carefully discuss together with Grand Prize Winner Maude Arsenault to decide what would be possible with her residency during these times. We will be sure to share updates on the progress and decision of the residency for this year in the coming days. Be sure to follow us on our Instagram account for the latest news.