Kenro Izu BLUE in collotype

Seven delicate single prints from Kenro Izu’s BLUE

About the Artist

New York-based photographer Kenro Izu (b. 1949) created his BLUE series as an homage to Spanish painter Pablo Picasso’s works from the Blue Period (1901-1904).

Project Story

With a lifetime passion for the art of printmaking, Izu has developed a distinct reputation as one of the best Platinum/Palladium print makers in the world. He printed the series by cyanotype over platinum prints, but due to the technical difficulties of the process he was only able to produce a very limited numbers of editions.

Now with Benrido Atelier, the series have been revitalized with the depth of the colour of blue and fine tonal gradations with the collotype process, presenting a new layer to experiencing Izu’s meditative and serene compositions.

Portfolio Details

Released in October 2017

Selection of 7 images Colour Collotype Prints

Paper: Echizen Gampi White Image Size: 24.2 x 35.5cm Paper Size: 28.2 x 39.5 cm

Signed and numbered by the artist

Edition: 10

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