Hariban Award

The contemporary visions of modern photographers, realized by the legendary craftsmanship of the master printers at the Benrido Atelier.

About Hariban Award and History

In 2014, the Benrido Collotype Atelier launched an award designed to introduce contemporary photographers to the 150-year-old art of collotype printing, distinguished by its handmade quality, rich ink, and detailed tones. Benrido is one of the few places in the world that still provides a home for this labor-intensive analog method of producing photographic prints. Through the Hariban Award, the atelier wanted to provide an opportunity for talented photographers interested in working by hand to observe the impact of collotype printing on their own work. By working together the artist and the atelier both benefit–more people are exposed to the wonders of the collotype process and the artist is able to completely re-imagine their final products.

Artist Residency in Kyoto

Winners receive the opportunity to work closely with master artisans of a 150-year-old printing technique, working toward reproductions of your own work that give new detail and clarity to their photographs. For many, this new production method opens up countless aesthetic possibilities. The ultimate goal of the trip is to create collotype prints of the photographer’s work for exhibition, where the work can be appreciated by a contemporary audience.

Final Products

Once the artist’s two-week residency at Benrido is completed and the final collotype prints have been produced, the winner’s resulting photographs are shown at an exhibition during Kyotographie, an international photography festival in Kyoto. This collotype portfolio is a collection of prints from the winner gathered into a single cohesive project. The resulting set is a gorgeously crafted summary of all that the Benrido Atelier stands for—a combination of technical precision, skilled craftsmanship, and forward thinking.

In order for the final work to be appreciated beyond Kyotographie, the work is gathered into the collotype catalogue book shown here. Including images not just the grand-prize winner but all of the special prize winners and honorable mentions as well, the catalogue offers a more complete and varied window into the collaborative efforts of the photographers and the atelier. The 56-page book is printed in a limited edition of 150 on handmade Gampi and Mitsumata Japanese rice paper with a gorgeous clothbound cover.

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