Antony Cairns: IBM_LDN4_20

Limited edition colour collotype print by Antony Cairns

About the Artist

Antony Cairns’ (b. 1980) limited edition collotype prints of his LDN EI series presents images of his city of birth. Born in London and traditionally trained as a photographer at the London College of Printing, his photographic practice has remained rooted in chemical-based techniques, often experimenting with forgotten or discarded methods. In 2015 Cairns was the recipient of the 2015 Hariban Award Grand Prize and exhibited as part of the 2016 Kyotogra- phie International Photography Festival.

Project Story

Antony Cairns’s new limited edition collotype print presents the most recent work of the artist’s to be printed in collotype by the Benrido artisans. Created from his long-term project of photographing London by night, Antony Cairn’s IBM_LDN4_20, utilises redundant IBM computer punch cards to print his photographs digitally, later assembling them to create a composite image. A continuation on the artists fascination and obsession of photography’s endless link to photography, IBM_LDN4_20 is both an individual and visually captivating study of his city, London.


Portfolio Details

Published in 2017 From the series LDN4

Colour Collotype Print

Paper: Echizen Gampi White

Image Size: 51.1 x 27 cm Paper Size: 57 x 37 cm

Signed and numbered by the artist

Edition: 10

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