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Juror Interview: A Conversation with Tristan Lund

Each week, HARIBAN AWARD will be sharing an interview with one of this year’s jurors. This week; we spoke with London-based curator, art dealer, and consultant, Tristan Lund.


Tristan Lund is an art consultant, curator, and dealer to collectors of photographic art. Based in London, he is a trusted advisor to collectors, navigating the art market on their behalf to source works from artists, galleries, and auction houses. He currently acts as the curator for the Incite Project, an issues-driven photographic collection dealing with social and political concerns. We had the chance to speak to him about his work, his love and knowledge of the medium, and judging a photo contest like the HARIBAN AWARD.

Can you explain the that work you do?

I’m an art consultant specialising in photographic art. I give impartial advice to art collectors using my knowledge and professional relationships to help them navigate the art market. I am their eyes and ears within the medium, scouting for artwork and negotiating purchases on their behalf. Usually I am an intermediary between the collector and the gallery but I also work with a number of artists directly, for example the 2015 Magnum nominee Max Pinckers. Primarily I am the collection curator of The Incite Project, a private collection of politically and socially motivated photographic art, documentary photography and photojournalism. Our focus is on contemporary image makers, supporting them through the acquisition of artworks, the financing of artistic projects and books and the sponsorship of several awards. It is an unusual and very rewarding collection to be a part of.

What would you say initially drew you to photography?

I am still drawn to the accessibility of the medium. It helps to know who and what has preceded an artist’s practice but in photography it is generally not essential. Most photographs are made up of layers, they can be appreciated in a very immediate way even if the intent of the maker is not understood, but the more you know about the artist and the medium the more you can dig to new depths. I also like that the aesthetic possibilities of the medium move in step with advances in technology, photography connects art and science.

How is judging a competition like this different from choosing work for your clients?

Judging a competition presents a very positive challenge to really think about the direction of the medium right now, I take it very seriously! When judging, I think about what is appropriate for the award, the artists and the medium as a whole but when working with clients they are my number one concern.

What do you think makes a great photo stand out?

Having something interesting to say about the world and finding an interesting way to say it. Individually, these are pretty hard to come by but combined they are extremely rare. I am drawn to research based projects, but then love it when an artist finds a new way to make pictures, either by using new technology or using existing processes and techniques in a way I haven’t seen before.

What sort of work are you hoping to see from this year’s HARIBAN AWARD submissions?

My concern is usually with the final photographic object, the print, so I am really hoping to see work that will benefit from the collotype process. It is such an incredible opportunity for the right kind of artist and completely inappropriate for others, I like that the award has this clear focus and remit and I can see that past winners have really progressed from the collaboration. I think my question to myself whilst judging will be, “How will winning this award further the artist’s practice?”.

Meet the other jurors ➔

トリスタン・ランドは、ロンドン在住の写真ディーラー、キュレーターであり、個人収集家から信望の厚いアートコンサルタントである。Photo London 2017 のthe Discovery sectionのエディターであり、The Incite Projectのコレクションキュレーターでもある。The Frieze Masters のvetting committeeを勤める。2010年から2014年までギャラリーMichael Hoppen Contemporaryのディレクターとして、写真家たちに助言とサポートを提供していた。写真のアクセシビリティーの高さと、閲覧者の反応を即時に喚起できる点に惹かれる、と語る。


私は、写真芸術を専門にしたコンサルタントです。自分の知識を使って公平なアドバイスをし、専門家としての人脈を使って、クライアントがアート市場で舵取りをしていくのをお手伝いします。写真という芸術の領域において、私はクライアントの目となり、耳となり、アート作品を探し出し、彼らの代わりに購入時の交渉をします。普段私は、収集家とギャラリーの仲介人ですが、数多くのアーティストと直接仕事もします。2015年にMagnum Photosのメンバーに任命されたMax Pinckers.がその例です。

私は主に、 政治的、社会的に動機付けられた写真芸術、ドキュメンタリー写真やフォトジャーナリズムのプライベートコレクションであるThe Incite Projectのキュレーターをしています。私たちが焦点を当てているのはコンテンポラリーの画像作家で、作品の購入やアートプロジェクトや本の出版のための融資、いくつかの賞のスポンサーシップなどを通じてサポートしています。The Incite Projectは並外れたコレクションで、その一員として働くことはとてもやりがいがあります。








今年のHARIBAN AWARDで、どんな作品を期待していますか?


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