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Hariban Award 2019|Grand Prize Winner Interview: Margaret Lansink

We are delighted to have Margaret Lansink as this year’s Hariban Award Grand Prize Winner. Before welcoming Margaret for her residency in December, we had the opportunity to speak and talk about her winning body of work “Borders of Nothingness — On the Mend”

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what first drew you to photography?

I was born and raised in a little town in the east of Holland as the youngest daughter in a family
 with 13 children. As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in drawing, painting and creating collages. 
When I was 7 years old I made a lot of collages for a friendly neighbour. For every collage I gave
 him, I got back a photo. Here is where my love for photography started. When I was a teenager I 
discovered my father’s camera and started experimenting with it. It gave me the opportunity to
 capture moments of joy and solitude.
 Some 10 years ago, I decided to break up my marriage and say goodbye to my old life. I moved
 from my little hometown to Amsterdam and started studying photography at the Photo Academy 
in Amsterdam. At that time, photography felt for me the ultimate way to express my emotions. My camera followed (and still follows) me every step of my way, purely intuitively capturing memories
 and moments and filling the voids in my life. Photographing simply became a necessity for me.
 My way to tell my story. Not as a documentary, but more as a novel, based on my inner 
experience. And for the spectator to read with their own feelings, thoughts and associations.

What first sparked your interest to apply to the Hariban Award?

In the second year of the Photo Academy Amsterdam, Awoiska van der Molen came to speak
 about her work. I found her and her work incredibly inspiring, so I started following her on the
 internet and social media. She won in 2014 and when I was in Kyoto in 2017 during an Artist Residency, I absolutely wanted to have look at Benrido and buy the catalogue of her work, 
which unfortunately was sold out. Yet the people at Benrido were so kind to show me the studio.
 From this moment on I have submitted. And more than a dream came true this August 30th, 
when I opened the mail from Benrido. I had to sit down and was very touched. It took me a few 
days to truly believe that it really was going to happen: working with the great artisans and even
 master printer Yamamoto-san. So happy and grateful. Thank you so much!!

Could you explain your approach to making work and the central themes you explore?

Visual investigation of the relationship between humans and their (physical) environment is the 
main focus of my work. Who we are is often determined by our social environment and (family) 
history. How we build our self-esteem, often determines how we look to the outside world and 
how we react to the other. For me, I often feel like a spectator; looking from the outside into what 
happens, how and why the other and I interact as we do. In my work, I’m exploring these
 relationships, trying to bridge the personal and universal. My work comes purely from my intuition 
inspired by my intricate web of memories, emotions, expectations, fears and desires. This also 
favours a different way of experiencing my work; not as a reflection of a reality, but more as an
open, artistic invitation to interact with your own memories.

You will soon be travelling to Kyoto to work with the artisans at Benrido, do you have any thoughts or hopes of how you imagine your work will be translated as collotype prints? – Is there
 an aspect of the award you are most looking forward to?

I am so incredibly grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to work in the legendary Benrido Atelier. To learn this world-renowned technique from your master printers, which transcends time,
technique and modernism. A Collotype print is so much more than a fine art print; a truly precious 
work of Art. I feel very excited to explore how my work will gain an extra dimension as a Collotype
 print and looking forward to work over a longer period on the printmaking process. Because I love
 and admire the artisan way. Absolutely an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.







にコロタイププリントに変わっていくかに関してなにか考えや希望などはありますか? また、このアワードに対し一番期待していることはどんなことでしょうか?

伝統のある便利堂アトリエで作品を作る機会をいただけるのは本当に嬉しく思っています。時間や技術、モダニズムを超越するマスタープリンターから世界的に有名な技術を学べることも楽しみにしています。コロタイププリントはファインアートプリント以上のものであり実に貴重な芸術作品です。私の作品がコロタイプによってどういう風に次元が変わっていけるのかを探りつつ、プリントの制作に長い時間がかけられることも楽しみにしています。なぜなら私は職人さんたちのやり方を愛し尊敬していますし、 今後の自分の人生にも必ずや大きな影響を及ぼす経験になるはずですから。