Hariban Award 2018 – Winners

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of this year’s Hariban Award

2018 Award Recipients


Grand Prize Winner

Esther Teichmann

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Esther Teichmann Artist Statement

My photographic practice works with staged images set in relationship to one another to form an imaginary, alternate orphic world. We move from beds to swamps and caves, from mothers to lover, in search of a primordial return. Working with experimental print process and painting into images, the photographic is loosened from its referent. Narratives emerging from fragments as one thing is transformed into another, sliding between autobiography, fiction and myth. The photographs, films and writings picture mothers like caves, sisters like seashells, lovers like moons, tears like waterfalls. Entering the octopus darkness of swamps and caves we find ingestion and emission, mother and daughter, sister and sister, black and white, lover and lover, surrealism’s erotic jolt: the irritant that makes the pearl. Seashells with apertures like cameras. The womb as oceanic. Lovers as moons. Holding as withholding. Day as night.


  私の写真は空想上、または神話的な世界を構築するために、複数のイメージの関係性をセットアップして撮ったものです。私たちは原始的な回帰を探るため、ベッドから沼地、そして洞窟へ、または母から恋人へと移り変わります。実験的なプリントをしたり画像へ直接ペイントすることで、もともとの被写体の持つ印象を緩める効果を出そうとしました。一つイメージからまた別のものに生まれ変わるような断片から生まれるストーリーは、自伝やフィクションや神話の間を行き来し、さらに他のものへとに姿を変えていきます。私の作品は、写真と映像と文章により、洞窟のような母、貝のような姉妹、月のような恋人たち、滝のような涙などを描いています。沼や洞窟といった真っ暗な暗闇に入ることで、摂取と排出、母と娘、妹と妹、黒と白、恋人と恋人、シュールレアリズムのエロティックな衝動(真珠を作るといった刺激的なもの)などが私の作品から感じられるはずです。カメラのような開口を持つ貝殻。 大洋のような子宮。 月のような恋人たち。 自制しながらの保有、夜としての昼間。


Juror’s Choice Awards


John Edmonds – selected by David Campany

Matthew Genitempo – selected by Lesley A. Martin

Daren You – selected by Masako Sato

Vanessa Winship – selected by Shoair Mavlian


Master Printer’s Choice Award

Veronique Evrard


Honourable Mentions

Raymond Meeks

Feiyi Wen

George Georgiou

Bert Teunissen

Joseph Ball

Maja Daniels


2018 Winning Photographers Work

Please enjoy a few photos selected from the Juror’s Choice Awards, Master Printer’s Choice Award, and Honorable Mentions. Their work will be printed and published in collotype in the annual Hariban Award Catalogue to be released in April 2019.

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Statement by Takumi Suzuki, CEO Benrido

It is with great pleasure to extend our congratulations to this year’s Hariban Award Winners. The level of enthusiasm for the award continues to grow each year, and out of 371 submissions, this year’s Jurors faced the difficult task of selecting the award recipients from a truly incredible pool of submissions. This year marked an exceptionally high standard of work submitted from photographers around the world and amongst them, Esther Teichmann’s submission stood out with her symbolic and intimate imagery. We greatly look forward to welcoming  Esther Teichmann at the studio and her resulting collaboration with the artisans of Benrido.

代表取締役CEO 鈴木巧からのステートメント


What’s next?

Esther Teichman will be traveling to Kyoto to begin her residency here at Benrido in December. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our blog so you can follow along with her journey.  


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