Hariban Award

Hariban Award ’16 – Winners

We are very excited to introduce this year’s Hariban Award winners! It was a real pleasure looking at the amazing submissions we received from around the world. The quality of work we receive continues to raise the bar on what we’ve come to expect from the talented and creative artists who enter this competition. Check out the list of winners below:


2016 Award Recipients

Grand Prize

Claudio Silvano

Juror’s Choice Award

Claudio Nolasco
Mayumi Suzuki
Michael Vahrenwald

Honorable Mentions

Lea Habourdin
Maria Inglessis
Miho Kajioka
Natalia Kopkina
Maria do Mar Rego
Marie Passa
Joanna Piotrowska

Master Printer’s Choice Award

Teri Havens

4b912474c6547907bd78d493b7a871ca-1467238173-0-58591300Claudio Silvano

Statement by Takumi Suzuki, CEO Benrido

I couldn’t be more pleased with this year’s Hariban Award winner. We again received hundreds of stunning submissions from around the globe. I know how difficult it was for our judges to choose just one winner but it was an enjoyable process for them, getting to see the talent of our entrants. There was one submission that stood head and shoulders above the rest. Claudio Silvano’s winning portfolio is a testament to his creativity and artistic vision.

Claudio grew up in Brazil and recently moved to France and his photos reflect that feeling of displacement. His shots of nature contrast with those of urban scenery, perhaps tracing his own journey in life. Claudio has a rare eye for capturing the artistry of nature and I am looking forward to having him join us at Benrido in Kyoto to see what the collotype process can further bring out his vision. I hope you will follow along with Claudio as he begins his adventure in collotype, learns a new culture, and attends Kyotographie where he’ll see his winning prints on display.

代表取締役CEO 鈴木巧からのステートメント



Selected Photographers’ Work

Please enjoy a few photos selected from the Juror’s Choice, Master Printer’s Choice, and Honorable Mention winning portfolios.


DR012012-R17-F05 001Claudio Nolasco

236311c1de8ca37a82559472a9a70b5a-1469060361-0-85857200Michael Vahrenwald

bf8734fa8ea435138f7870aede7edf36-1465297045-0-47425300Maria do Mar Rego

76de085645878facd2b0e7a30c8026a0-1467078389-0-26970900Maria Inglessis

e8e3e945dbe18fd7d630ebdf657353ee-1467075196-0-43043400Mayumi Suzuki

Natalia KopkinaNatalia Kopkina

5c89a9fa7bb0c8e16c24bca6402f6f46-1463258982-0-76082400Joanna Piotrowska

480b8a9e9cddeffe01cfd1dc6a314a9e-1468134392-0-15322800Marie Passa

What’s next?

Claudio Silvano will be traveling to Kyoto to begin his/her residency here at Benrido. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our blog so you can follow along with his journey. We want you to be there to share in the experience of visiting Kyoto. And of course, you’ll want to see how his collaboration with us progresses.

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I will be visiting Kyoto in early December. Will it be possible to visit your facility? I would like to see if it is possible to make a print from a digital photograph.
Thank you,

Dear Arun,

Thank you for your message.
Yes it is possible to visit the Atelier, we regularly give tours of the studio and process via appointments only.
Please inform us what date you would like to visit so that we can schedule your tour of the studio.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions regarding your visit or of Benrido.

Thank you again and we look forward to welcoming you in December!

Kind regards,

Benrido Collotype Atelier

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